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These are links for either friends of Mike, or companies/individuals who provide goods or services related to the music industry which Mike has used and can highly recommend.

Lakewood Guitars

World's best acoustic guitars!! And Martin Seeliger is the NICEST man Mike has met in business, anywhere, anytime! Need a new acoustic guitar? You CAN'T do any better than a Lakewood!


Makers of pro quality recording hardware & software.

Merkwuerdig Gbr

Germany's leading graphic designers. Superb designers, Great guys, and most importantly, appropriately crazy!


High end preamps and other gear for studio and stage

Elixir Strings

Coated guitar strings that sound SUPERB and really last longer!

Vovox Cables

Amazing high end instrument cables. The improvement in sound is UNBELIEVABLE

Christian Gropper Films

Leading independant German film maker

Feedback Amp Services

Europe's best option for amp and electronic servicing & mods

Shadow Pickups

GREAT acoustic guitar pickups. And their electric guitar pickups ain't too bad either ;-)

Thorsten Fuchs, photographer

Need promo photos? Here's your man!!

TC Electronic

Superb effects for stage and studio

TC Helicon

Michael Grossmann

Ace drummer from Mike's current band - The Holitika Hotshots


RHG stands for "Red Haired Girl!" And she is! A brilliant publicist and a dear friend, Liz takes care of Mike's US print publicity.

Matrix Digital

NZ's top recording studio

George Marinelli

Awesome guitarist and all-round nice guy!

Lollar Pickups

Jason Lollar builds some the finest handmade pickups available, including the "Chicago Steel" reproduction of the 1930's Oahu lap steel pickup that Mike uses on his 1950's Stratocaster

Diamond Bottlenecks

Ian McWee and his team handmake possibly the World's finest slides in the UK

Independent Entertainment Promotions

Mike's Dutch publicist

Deutscher Rock & Pop Musikverband E.V.

German Rock Music Association

Americana Music Association

Southbound NZ

Mike's NZ publicist. Need professional promo help in NZ, Jeffrey's THE MAN!

New Music Distribution

Mike's German distributor

King Ink

Mike's German publicist

CD Kiwi

Great NZ on-line CD shop

Marbecks NZ

Another great NZ on-line CD shop

Hello Sailor

NZ's #1 rock band

Wayne Mason

leading NZ singer-songwriter

TÍtes Raides

Without question, France's finest rock band, and Mike's favourite


Austria's #1 blues-rock band

Derek Brimstone

Funniest man alive, and not a bad muso too...

Sunnyland Blues Band

Germany's top blues band

Low Flying Haggis


Musicman Amps

Site for Musicman amp fans

Indie Band Manager

GREAT artist booking programme

Sam Kelly

Britain's NUMBER ONE blues drummer & Mike's drummer during his years in London

Recky Reck

Mike's producer of his Wasted Time album

Assorted music-related websites of interest

Clever Joe


Foksy Links


Info site for singer-songwriters


Info site for singer-songwriters


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