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Another song for the road - live DVD

cover of the live DVD 'Another song for the road'

Track listing

  1. Nowhere to run
  2. Long gone
  3. Hutt bound train
  4. Letter to a friend
  5. Handyman
  6. Love so good
  7. She's funny that way
  8. Home to you
  9. Vigilante man
  10. Antidote
  11. Duagh memories
  12. Tuatapere
  13. C & W singer
  14. Quiet desperation
  15. Good liquor bad company
  16. Night train
  17. Gonna run away
  18. Another song for the road
  19. Carry it home

Beneath Southland Skies

cover of the CD 'Beneath Southland Skies'

With his latest release Beneath Southland Skies, Mike Brosnan continues to thrive and expand both as a storyteller and singer. Planned for release in January 2006, Beneath Southland Skies demonstrates Brosnan's eye for lyrical detail and emotive delivery.
Assembling a small but crack band, Mike Brosnan set out with a mission to capture the most honest and heartfelt performances they could find. Recorded live in the studio, Beneath Southland Skies was made with minimal overdubs. Without the fussiness and formality of layering the recording, something special was revealed - the heart of the songs.
Lyrically and musically, Beneath Southland Skies finds Mike Brosnan with his most personal group of songs yet. From the gritty, real-life details of "Another Song For The Road" to the dark poetry of "Be With You", to the rocking opening track "Letter To A Friend", this group of songs stands as a testament to artistic self-revelation.

Track listing

  1. Letter To A Friend (3:07)
  2. Nowhere To Run (3:16)
  3. Gonna Run Away (3:38)
  4. Be With You (4:04)
  5. Time To Settle Down (2:50)
  6. Dave Said… (3:10)
  7. Beneath Southland Skies (3:02)
  8. Another Song For The Road (2:52)
  9. Through Falling Tears (3:31)
  10. Never Thought I'd Cry (4:15)
  11. Quiet Desperation (4:25)
  12. Long Gone - solo acoustic bonus track (2:43)

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Wasted Time

cover of the CD 'Wasted Time'

Wasted Time was recorded in both NZ and Germany, using leading musicians from NZ, Germany and Austria, and contains thirteen finely crafted original songs. Tracks from Wasted Time are currently play-listed on NZ, German and US Americana radio stations. Recorded with the musicians playing live in the studio, Wasted Time has a truly fresh feel and exhibits the power and emotion Mike Brosnan is famous for delivering at his live concerts.

Track listing

  1. Wasted Time
  2. Bad Girl
  3. Silver Screen
  4. Home To You
  5. Love So Good
  6. All Fall Down
  7. Ain't Gonna Be Your Antidote
  8. She Ran Off With A C&W Singer
  9. Such A Shame
  10. End Of The Game
  11. Slide Action
  12. Tuatapere
  13. Carry It Home

Streets of Glass

cover of the CD 'Streets of Glass'

Recorded in NZ during 1998, Streets of Glass was a major production, taking more than 2 months to complete in one of NZ's finest recording studios, and features many of that countries leading contemporary musicians.
Containing nine Mike Brosnan originals, Streets of Glass displays for the first time Mike Brosnan as a World-class songwriter rather than simply as a fine interpreter of blues classics.
A classy album for which positive comparisons are often drawn with Ry Cooder and John Hiatt at their best.

Track listing

  1. Streets Of Glass - intro
  2. Streets Of Glass
  3. Long Gone
  4. Handyman
  5. Night Train
  6. Tuatapere
  7. Willin'
  8. Duagh Memories
  9. Why Don't You Try Me?
  10. Statesboro Blues
  11. Good Liquor, Bad Company
  12. Georgia Bound
  13. Last Call
  14. She's Funny That Way

Downunder Blues

cover of the CD 'Downunder Blues'

A straight acoustic album of mostly Blues, recorded "live in the studio" in NZ during 1996. Most tracks are solo. Down Under Blues includes five Mike Brosnan originals, all of which give a strong hint of the direction his future songwriting will take. His arrangements for the non-original songs are fresh and non-typical.

Track listing

  1. Big Road Blues
  2. Good Morning Blues
  3. Good Liquor, Bad Company
  4. Hard Times And Trouble
  5. Highway 60
  6. Spoonful
  7. Ain't Nobody’s Business
  8. Roll and Tumble
  9. Look Behind You
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme
  11. Come On In My Kitchen
  12. Little Sadie
  13. Last Call

On a High Wire

cover of the CD 'On a High Wire'

An acoustic album containing a mixture of mainly ragtime and blues numbers, approximately half of which are solo. The title track, "High Wire" is the only original composition. Recorded in NZ during 1995. On A High Wire showcases Mike Brosnan's superb Piedmont fingerstyle guitar work and rich, warm vocals. This album was placed in the 1995 Australian Music Awards.

Track listing

  1. Police Dog Blues
  2. High Wire
  3. Too Tight
  4. Death Don't Have No Mercy
  5. Trouble In Mind
  6. The Water Is Wide
  7. That'll Never Happen No More
  8. Cocaine
  9. Sitting On Top Of The World
  10. That Ain't No Way To Get Along
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