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An expatriate New Zealander currently based in Europe, Mike Brosnan is a true craftsman of song, a powerful and emotive singer, and a superb guitarist.

Despite extensive international touring, for much of his early career he remained relatively unknown in the wider world. This lack of wider recognition was in all probability due the music industry's inability to "pigeon hole" his music, containing as it does such diverse influences; from rock to folk, from blues to Celtic to country.

With the recent re-emergence of interest worldwide in Roots Music, containing exactly such influences, this anachronism is now quickly being addressed and for the last few years Brosnan has increasingly received the level of recognition he is manifestly due.

An incendiary live show only added to the buzz, but it is the songs – combined with Brosnan’s ability put himself inside the characters body and soul – that leaves the strongest impression. As a songwriter, he is in a class by himself, presenting a level of lyrical honesty and vulnerability seldom found.

From solo performer to full bandleader Brosnan has journeyed throughout the UK, Asia, Continental Europe and NZ; from small cafés to the best-known clubs, from the smoky bars to concert halls His festival appearances include many of Europe and NZ’s most prestigious. And the experience gained playing 200 plus concerts per year for more than a decade has forged his live performance into one of the strongest shows on the road anywhere, any time.

A highly accomplished yet understated guitarist, Brosnan plays lines that perfectly support his powerful baritone. And his slide guitar work is also considered a highlight, with many positive comparisons drawn with Ry Cooder’s best work.

A reviewer attended a Mike Brosnan concert in Germany recently - sceptical of the acclaim surrounding his work - and walked away a believer: "The audience was completely overcome by Brosnan’s emotions... we were into his music body and soul. He clearly believes every word he sings, and so did we..."

As a recent album reviewer wrote: "Do yourself, and the New Zealand music scene a favour by buying this Cd. And then go out and see him live for the full story!"

Mike Brosnan band

Mike normally tours with a four-piece all-star band. The members are:

Gerd Vogel (Guitar, backing vocals)
Gerd has a well-deserved reputation as a firecracker guitar player. A founder and long-time member of Germany's well-known Sunnyland Blues Band, and for the last 3-4 years, a mainstay of Marla Glen's band, he approaches his playing with a real passion. Gerd's solid rhythm provides the perfect counterfoil for Mike's fingerstyle rhythm and melodic slide guitar. And Gerd is himself a truly fine slide guitarist. It is a rare treat to see Gerd and Mike bouncing slide licks off each other! And when Gerd steps out to solo... WATCHOUT!! John Mayall, Coco Montoya, and Allanah Miles rate him amongst their all-favourite guitarists!

Tom Bornemann (Bass)
Tom Bornemann also ranks amongst Germany's bass playing elite. Tour/performance credits include the Marla Glen Band (For whom he was also the Musical Director) and the Sunnyland Blues Band. Together with long-time playing partner Michael Grossmann, they form Europe's tightest, hardest-rocking rhythm section.

Michael Grossmann (Drums)
Michael is the head of the Wiesbaden Conservatoire, and is one of the most sought after session drummers in Germany. His performance credits are too numerous to list here. Suffice to say he is a groove machine who, with the help of Christian on bass, deliver the solid, hard-rocking rhythm for which the Mike Brosnan Band is justly reknowned.

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